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Technovate Global provides Engineering Services in the area of Product Design and Development for Automotive sector. Technovates’s reliable service is a result of diligent adherence of processes and methodology that has been adapted with time to suit our customers. Our Offshore Development Centre in India ensures in-time cost effective quality solution .

Few of our Engineering services include

  • Product design & Development : Interior/ Exterior Trims
  • Product design & Development : BIW
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 2D Tolerance Stackup
  • Tool design – Jigs & Fixtures
  • Conversion of 2D Engineering Drawings to 3D Parametric Solid Modelling
  • Concept design & Development .
  • Surface Modelling / Aesthetic design
  • Product Drawings and GD&T.

Trim product design and development being one of key strengths , we provide complete solution with robust engineering solutions meeting OE requirements. Frugal engineering is another aspect we focus on which is key in current competitive industry. We support from initial surface analysis to final design deliverables. Our team focuses on engineering considering aspects such as tooling/DFA/DFM/FMEA regulations and validations.

Having rich experience in BIW product design and development, we provide end to end solutions with robust engineering solutions meeting all OE requirements yet having cost effective solutions . Cost effective engineering solutions is another aspect we focus on, which is key in todays competitive industry. We support from initial surface analysis to final design deliverables. Our team focuses on engineering considering aspects such as tooling/DFA/DFM/FMEA regulations and validations

In mechanical engineering, the term reverse engineering (often abbreviated to RE) is used to summarise the process of reconstructing an existing object. When designing an object from scratch, an engineer will draw up a design specification and produce drawings from which the item is constructed.

Reverse Engineering techniques are effectively used in cases where physical parts do not have digital footprint and need interpretation for collecting data to enhance or modifying the product. We convert the given physical part or image/2D files of the product to digital models using tools like Catia/NX with accuracy and integrity

Reverse engineering, sometimes called back engineering, is a process in which software, machines, aircraft, architectural structures and other products are deconstructed to extract design information from them. The reverse engineering process is named as such because it involves working backward through the original design process. However, you often have limited knowledge about the engineering methods that went into creating the product. Therefore, the challenge is to gain a working knowledge of the original design by disassembling the product piece-by-piece or layer-by-layer.

Our engineers have expertise in providing stack study to analyse the impact of individual part /assemblies on the build of the product ,helping the customer understand the contribution of every part in the product and help solving issues with data.

Conversion of 2D drawings from the print, dwg/dxf or image format to high quality feature based on parametric 3D models is one of our expertise area.

With brainstorming, benchmarking and competitor analysis our engineers our able to create concepts including basic surface design from customer inputs like sketches/images or preliminary surface data.

Innovation, creativity and out of the box thinking are the vital needs of the automotive industry and we help companies by improving the aesthetic appeal of their products. In Surface modelling, our product design team involves in generating aesthetic features to improve the styling and appearance of the products retaining the engineering function of the product.

2D drawings/3D annotations are a must for any part manufacturing and there is an immense need in the industry for development of 2D drawings from the models generated by designers. Typically for reverse engineered and concept models, there is a need to create product and manufacturing drawings as per the sample drawings or drawing generation standards. Technovate helps companies in this niche area by providing deep engineering and CAD with GD&T expertise for delivery of product drawings/Annotation.