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We can support our clients with innovative measuring and holding jigs and fixtures fro various stages of product lifecycle be it pre-production for aid of operators, post production for validation or during production for holding or transit .

  • Inspection Gauges
  • Holding/Painting Fixtures
  • Machining fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures

Benefits of Jigs and Fixtures

  1. Jigs and fixtures are used to reduce the cost of production as there use elimination being out work and setting up of tools.
  2. To increase the production.
  3. To assure the high accuracy of the parts.
  4. To provide for interchangeability.
  5. To enables heavy and complex shaped parts to be machined by holding rigidly to a machine.
  6. To control quality control expenses.
  7. Requirement of Less skilled labor.
  8. Reduce automation
  9. Improve the safety at work, thereby lowering the rate of accidents.

We with the support of our competitive supplier base can provide full support during initial phase of the project there by meeting project timelines and reduce rework cost by early engagement.